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Full Feature List

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Below is a breadown of all current pay per minute website features. Everything listed below comes standard with every pay per minute product.

If you wish to further develop your website you can do so by visiting out customization section and contacting us to arrange additional development work. Our goal is to provide you with everything needed to run a successful pay per minute website.

Pay Per Minute System Specifications and Features

Customer Control Panel:

Easy to manage customer control panel: Each customer that registers on your pay per minute platform will have access to a private customer control panel. Our pay per minute platform is easy to use and customers will have no problems navigating through their secure control panel and connecting with operators.

Included in the customer control panel are:

  • Welcome page: Customers can view online operators and even search for operators by name. Customers will also be able to see their current account balance, access their inbox, edit their private profile, and view their customer pin code and access key.

  • Customer public profile page: Customers are able to create a public profile page. This is a simply page that links from their customer name (or alias). Operators can then view the customer's public profile and gain more insight to the type of service or calls they are seeking. There is also a 'send message' option in which the operator can send a secure message to the customer.

  • Favorite operators: Customers are able to add any operator listed on your white label system to their favorites. The customer is then able to quickly pull up the current list of favorites for fast access.

  • Deposit money: Our white label system uses an e-wallet style banking system. This allows you the option to create as many deposit methods as you wish. For example you may have a merchant account which will serve as your primary deposit method, but you may also want to provide alternative options such as check, money order, Western Union, Money Gram, Money Paks, etc. The options you provide will be available from the customer's 'add money section of the customer control panel. Once the funds are credited to the customer account they can be used to connect with anyone on your network.

  • Payment log: Customers will be able to view a real-time payment log. From this section the customer can see all call debits and deposits. For example if the customer adds $100.00 to his account he will see this reflected in his payment transaction section. If he then connects to an operator for 10 minutes at the rate of $2.50 per minute, he will see a call debit in the amount of $25.00 and his account balance will reflect this.

  • Call history: The customer will be able to view all calls (connected or missed) from his control panel. The customer can also send a quick message to the operator from the call history section and leave feedback which will display publicly on the operator's profile page. Web store order history and download: Customers can purchase items from any operator's web store on the pay per minute platform. Upon completion the customer will be able to view their order history and download the item from their 'order history'.

  • Inbox: Customers will have access to a secure and private inbox where they can view and reply to messages. Customers will also be able to view their sent messages. All messages are secure and pass through your dedicated SSL (this comes standard with all pay per minute platform packages).

  • Operator Control Panel:

    Easy to manage operator control panel: Each operator account will have access to a private operator control panel. Our pay per minute platform is easy to use and operators will have no problems managing their account.

    Included in the operator control panel are:

  • Welcome page: Operators can view recent logged in customers, view customer profiles, and send messages to customers. Operators will also be able to see their current balance, access their inbox, and edit their private profile.

  • Operator public profile page: Operators will be able to manage their accounts online. From their 'public profile page' operators will be able to change their public image, add details to their public 'about me' section, select discussion topics, and select stats.

  • Add content: Operators can easily manage all content from their operator control panel. This includes creating/editing image galleries, creating/editing videos, creating/editing streaming audio files, postings blogs, and managing their online web store.

  • Payment Transactions: Operators can view their current account balance, withdraw money, and view their payment log. The operator's balance will be immediately credited when a call is completed or web store purchase is made. Operators will also be able to view all pending withdraws and past withdraws.

  • Call History: Operators will be able to view their call history. This includes connected calls and missed calls. From the call history section the operator will be able to send a message to the caller securely through our system. This is especially helpful when thanking a caller for the call or requesting another call (in the event the call was missed).

  • Web Store: Operators can easily manage their web store(s) from their control panel. This includes the ability to add, edit, and delete web store items. Operators can also copy their web store code and paste this into any external website. The web store item display or order history is also available from the web store section.

  • Online Availability: Operators can easily set their call availability status manually (by simply clicking 'online' or 'offline'), or by setting their availability by calendar. For example if an operator will be available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm she can set this and her status will automatically sign on and off during those times.

  • Inbox: Operators can view and reply to messages securely and privately from their operator inbox. Operators can also view their previously sent messages. All messages (in fact the entire operator control panel) is secure behind an SSL. Balance: Operators will be able to see their current account balance and this balance will change instantly after every call and web store sale.

  • Group Operator Control Panel:

    Manage multiple operators accounts with our grouping feature: Our grouping feature is perfect for managing multiple accounts under one log in. There are a few cases in which using the grouping feature is important:

    1. You have a few 'real' people on your site portraying multiple aliases. For example; Suzy (real person) portrays 10 operator aliases. From the customer perspective you want each account to appear as a separate person, even though it is really the same person portraying each character. In this scenario you would not want Suzy to have to log into 10 separate control panels, so you could create one group account and add all of Suzy's characters to it. Then Suzy would log in and see all of the operator aliases you have assigned her.

    2. Multiple pay per minute accounts for the same person. For example; Suzy offers a pay per minute 'phone only' option at $2.50 per minute, but she also offers a pay per minute 'phone and webcam' option at $5.00 minute. In this case you could create both operator accounts and group them under one log in. Suzy would then be able to log into her group control panel and manage easily both accounts.

    3. You want to hire a team manager that manages all of the operator accounts assigned to the group. As your site grows you may wish to hire a manager and assign that manager multiple operator accounts. For example you may create a group account for a person who does not actually take calls but manages all of the operators under their account (like a team lead, operations manager, etc).

    Top-Level Admin: Control your entire network from one log in:

    As a pay per minute platform owner you will have access to the top-level administration area which allows you to control every aspect of your website.

    Below is a break-down of the features included in all pay per minute packages:

    Customer Stats: View all registered customer stats: You can view all registered customers and submitted details.

    This includes:
  • Username and Password
  • Public and Real name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Registration date
  • Access key and pin code
  • Psychical and IP address
  • Call history
  • Deposit history and method

  • *You can also edit, delete, and add customer accounts.

    Operator Stats: View all operator stats: You can view all operator account details.

    This includes:
  • Username and Password
  • Public and Real name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Registration date
  • Extension number
  • Operator content: galleries, videos, blogs, and audio files
  • Received call history - Current call status
  • Operator withdraws: pending, completed, on-hold, and cancelled

  • You can also edit, delete, and add operator accounts.

    Group Account Stats: View all group account stats: You can view all group account details.

    This includes:
  • Username and Password
  • Public and Real name
  • Email
  • Assigned operator list
  • All operator account details (as listed above)

  • You can also edit, delete, and add group accounts and add/remove operators.

    Global Network Options: We have included some additional site-wide options: You can view and control many features of your site through our global options.

    This includes:
  • View all online users; customers, operators, and affiliates
  • View what page online users are on
  • View inquires from online contact form
  • Send mass messages to user; customers, operators, and affiliates
  • Manually credit/debit funds to customers and operator's accounts

  • Master Management Options: You can view and control many features of your site through our Master Management system.

    This includes:
  • Add, edit, and delete customer deposit methods
  • Add, edit, and delete operator withdraw methods
  • Add, edit, and delete operator discussion topics (categories)
  • Add, edit, and delete operator stats

  • Operator Store Options: Operator Store options: You can view and control as aspects of the operator web stores.

    This includes:
  • View, add, edit, and delete operator store products
  • Access HTML code for operators store items

  • Reporting Tools: Easily track calls and deposits: You can gain better insight into your profits by using the reporting tools.

    This includes:
  • View all customer registrations by date or time-frame
  • View all customer deposits by date or time-frame
  • View all customer calls by date or time-frame
  • View all operator registrations by date or time-frame
  • View all operator withdraws by date or time-frame
  • View all operator payment transactions by date or time-frame

  • System Wide Settings: Easily control all system wide settings: You can specify how your white label network will function using the system wide settings tool.

    This includes:
  • Specifying the footer text to appear on all emails
  • Placing the entire network in maintenance mode
  • Specify all title page, meta tags, and descriptions
  • Activate your payment gateway (if you have a merchant account)
  • Specify the number callers and operators will see on their caller id
  • Specify the number of seconds a call will ring before it is considered a missed call
  • Specify the min. and max. per minute rate that operators can charge
  • Specify the min. balance a customer must have before connecting to an operator
  • Specify the amount of free money a customer will receive upon registration (optional)
  • Edit all template page text
  • Back up the database
  • Modify all system email text
  • Edit all website pages SEO

  • Custom Development:

    Our experienced staff can further customize your pay per minute platform in virtually any way desired. From adding new modules, customizing the design layout structure, adding automated subscription payment options, social networking, mobile apps, etc., we can assist. Our development staff consists of the original coders and we are experts in the pay per minute web development arena.

    To see more details regarding additional development please visit our customization section. You can also contact us or call us at 1 (800) 781-2917.  

    MyPhoneSite.com is a unique pay per minute billing solution that allows for instant website creation, web store setup, and pay per call apps. With our advanced platform you can easily create and manage your very own Pay-Per-Minute Phone Site!


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