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Server Requirements

We support all purchased modules of your pay per minute platform for the lifetime of use. The terms of our support vary depending upon the hosting. Below is a breakdown of our maintenance agreement for both hosted and remote arrangements.

All Pay Per Minute Website Plans come with FREE Hosting

Did you know that website hosting can cost hundreds of dollars a month? Sure, you can get a shared hosted account for small sites at a reasonable price, but dedicated accounts that allow for high traffic and custom software development can be very expensive.

However there is no need to be concerned about that with us. When you order a pay per minute website you will receive free lifetime hosting. This includes a free domain name, free SSL certificate (to encrypt sensitive data), free email accounts, website backups, and server support. We want to keep you on our server so we can provide the best possible service and security. Below we have included all of the server requirements and our support parameters.

Although we offer free hosting, you can choose to host your pay per minute site on your own host if you wish. This is why we have included both options below:

Maintenance Agreement (Hosted):

If we host your pay per minute platform we will have more access to monitor, troubleshoot, upgrade and correct any issues on a server-side basis. This means that we would be directly involved in the server administration, backups and security (including spam prevention, SQL injections, hacking and DDOS attacks). We retain a full time database and server admin that monitors and tweaks our server for max. performance.

Maintenance Agreement (Remote):

If you wish to host the pay per minute platform(s) you will be responsible for all hardware and network related issues. This includes maintaining the min. system requirements (detailed below) and upgrading hardware as needed; RAM, SSD drives, data distribution, etc. If you provide access our development staff will ensure that the software requirements are in place, but we will be unable to assist with server related issues.

System requirements:
- Dedicated Linux server with Apache, WHM/cPanel and MySQL (phpmyadmin)
- Root level access to WHM, SSH and phpmyadmin
- Min. 16GB RAM
- PHP 5.2.17
- Zend Engine v2.2.0 with eAccelerator v0.9.6.1
- ionCube PHP Loader v4.2.2
- ImageCreaate in GD + ImageMagic utility (all functions enabled)
- Unique IP address. *We install an SSL and this requires that each site have a unique IP

If you have any questions please be sure to contact us or call at 1 (800) 781-2917.

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