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Below we have included several screenshots from our example pay per minute website. Our example website provides an excellent format that can be customized to suit virtually any business style. *Please note that when you purchase a pay per minute website plan your new website will look very similar in all aspects to the example site shown below. However you will be able to modify the website design, logo, domain name, toll free number, SEO, voice prompts, etc.

Upon completion of your new pay per minute website installation we will provide you with FTP login details where you can access various different directories including the /image/ folder, CSS, and all template pages.  You will also be able to modify several options from your top-level admin.  If you would like us to customize your website please be sure to visit our customization section for further details.

Even though our site is advanced we have developed the various control panels and site navigation in a way that is simple to manage. To better illustrate this we have included several screenshots each detailing certain sections of our system. To view the screenshots please click on the thumbnail images below.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a guided tour please feel free to contact us.

The images below display an example of our template platform.

This example is simply to help convey the idea of a pay per minute website. You can change the logo, colors, text, and general website purpose.

Please be sure to also check out our user manuals where you can learn more about our platform features. *If you wish to view the top-level admin section please contact us and we can schedule a review.

MyPhoneSite.com is a unique pay per minute billing solution that allows for instant website creation, web store setup, and pay per call apps. With our advanced platform you can easily create and manage your very own Pay-Per-Minute Phone Site!


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